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narrow escape

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishnarrow escapenarrow escapeESCAPEa situation in which you only just avoid danger, difficulties, or trouble A woman had a narrow escape yesterday when her car left the road. He was shaken by his narrow escape from death. narrow
Examples from the Corpus
narrow escapeBut he has also seen the loss of life and the narrow escapes.He was probably even now thanking his lucky stars for a narrow escape.The driver launches forward for a narrow escape.They have no time for self-congratulation on their narrow escape.It had been a narrow escape and I was impressed.His narrow escape at Petit-Clamart finally convinced the General that it was time to take action to meet both dangers at once.The hours of liberty are long, full of wonder and narrow escapes, precautions, hidden devices and daring.He is a veteran of numerous firefights and narrow escapes who has shown notable serenity throughout the siege.
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