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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishnarrow-mindedˌnarrow-ˈminded / $ ˈ.. ˌ../ adjective  PREJUDICEDunwilling to accept or understand new or different ideas, opinions, or customs syn prejudiced opp broadminded His attitude is narrow-minded and insensitive. narrow-minded nationalismnarrow-mindedness noun [uncountable]
Examples from the Corpus
narrow-mindedHe was too narrow-minded and prejudiced - and bigoted.They are as traditional, narrow-minded and uncreative in their approach to educational debate as the Government.We should not be quite so narrow-minded, blinkered and xenophobic about the rest of the world.Nobody except a hard-hearted, narrow-minded politician would laugh.Check any narrow-minded seriousness at the door with your urban trench coat and get ready for an absolute annihilation of bourgeois civility.They are producing throngs of narrow-minded specialists who may be wizards at making money, but who are unfinished as people.Of course they're going to find in Scripture the sexist views which conform to their own narrow-minded view of the world.
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