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narrow sense/definition

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishnarrow sense/definitionnarrow sense/definitiona meaning of a word that is exact or limited opp broad I use the word ‘neighbour’ in its more precise or narrower sense. narrow
Examples from the Corpus
narrow sense/definitionIn terms of its narrow definition in the Maastricht Treaty, convergence has been surprisingly successful.There are important parts of these processes to which this narrow sense is relevant.In the narrow sense, it failed to achieve its specific aims.This is the narrowest definition of money.Mr Alger, using perhaps a narrower definition of technology, put the peak exposure at 55 % of assets.In the narrow sense, the battle here is over zoning.In a quite narrow sense they are right.While in a certain narrow sense this is the case, in many important ways just the opposite is true.
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