Language: Old English
Origin: nearu


1 adjective
nar‧row1 S3 W2

not wide

measuring only a small distance from one side to the other, especially in relation to the length [≠ wide; ↪ broad]
narrow street/road/path etc
a long narrow road
the narrow passage between the cottage and the house
his narrow bed
The stairs were very narrow.
a long, narrow band of cloud

narrow escape

a situation in which you only just avoid danger, difficulties, or trouble:
A woman had a narrow escape yesterday when her car left the road.
He was shaken by his narrow escape from death.

narrow victory/defeat/majority/margin etc

a win etc that is only just achieved or happens by only a small amount [↪ slim]:
The president won a narrow victory in the election.
He persuaded a narrow majority of the party to support the government.
Scotland eventually won the match by the narrow margin of 5-4.


a narrow attitude or way of looking at a situation is too limited and does not consider enough possibilities:
You've got a very narrow view of life.
Some teachers have a narrow vision of what art is.

narrow sense/definition

a meaning of a word that is exact or limited:
I use the word 'neighbour' in its more precise or narrower sense.


limited in range or number of things:
The company offered only a narrow range of financial services.
narrowness noun [uncountable]
narrowly, narrows

; ➔ the straight and narrow

at straight3 (2)

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