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nasturtiumnas‧tur‧tium /nəˈstɜːʃəm $ -ɜːr-/ noun [countable]  HBPPPGa garden plant with orange, yellow, or red flowers and circular leaves
Examples from the Corpus
nasturtiumThen she began to think to herself about which would be best, nasturtiums or sweet peas.Search stinging nettles, plants of the cabbage family and garden nasturtiums from May to August.The white butterflies lay their eggs on plants of the cabbage family and also on the garden nasturtium in May to August.Are capers really pickled nasturtium seeds?Cosmos, path-smothering nasturtium, stiff autumn crocus and clumps of busy Lizzie were in full bloom.The nasturtiums were flowering, brilliant and ragged across the soil, orange as flames.
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