Date: 1300-1400
Origin: Perhaps from a Scandinavian language


nas‧ty S2 comparative nastier, superlative nastiest


nasty behaviour or remarks are extremely unkind and unpleasant:
a nasty temper
the nasty things that were being written about her
There's a nasty streak in her character.
Drivers often have a nasty habit of driving too close to cyclists.
nasty to
Don't be so nasty to your mum (=do not treat her unkindly).
get/turn nasty especially British English (=suddenly start behaving in a threatening way)
When Harry refused, Don turned nasty and went for him with both fists.


someone who is nasty behaves in an unkind and unpleasant way:
I went to school with him - he was nasty then and he's nasty now.
You're a nasty little brute!


a nasty experience, feeling, or situation is unpleasant
nasty shock/surprise
It gave me a nasty shock.
nasty feeling/suspicion
I had a nasty feeling that a tragedy was going to happen.
Life has a nasty habit of repeating itself.
He had a nasty accident while riding in the forest.
When you feel you've been cheated, it always leaves a nasty taste in the mouth (=makes you feel upset or angry afterwards).
The weather turned nasty towards the evening.

sight/smell etc

C having a bad appearance, smell, taste etc:
What's that nasty smell?
a market stall selling cheap and nasty watches


severe or very painful:
a nasty cut
He was carried off the field with a nasty injury.


a nasty substance is dangerous:
nasty chemicals

a nasty piece of work

British English someone who is dishonest, violent, or likely to cause trouble
nastily adverb
nastiness noun [uncountable]
video nastyWORD FOCUS: unkind WORD FOCUS: unkind
similar words: nasty, cruel, mean, inconsiderate, thoughtless, insensitive, unsympathetic, hard-hearted

See also
WORD FOCUS: horrible WORD FOCUS: horrible
taste or smell: nasty, not very nice, revolting, disgusting, foul, unpleasant, gross informal

experience, situation, or feeling: nasty, not very nice, terrible, unpleasant

person: nasty, not very nice, obnoxious, mean American English, unpleasant, objectionable

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