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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishnationallyna‧tion‧al‧ly /ˈnæʃənəli/ ●●○ adverb  PGCEVERYONEby or to everyone in the nationinternationally a nationally recognised qualification The programme will be broadcast nationally.
Examples from the Corpus
nationallyI can reassure the hon. Gentleman that the terms and conditions of junior doctors will continue to be negotiated nationally.In fact, it set a record for first-day sales of a double-length album with 855,000 sales nationally.That has significance nationally and internationally, especially if we reduce the facilities for large numbers of birds.They do business nationally and internationally.Schools must now publish results of nationally determined tests.The Wall Street Journal Report, our nationally syndicated television program, reaches millions more on weekends.Saturday's Cal-UCLA game will be nationally televised.Locally and nationally, the expanding software and computer applications industrial sector offers challenging and rewarding employment prospects.These estimates thus assume a nationally undifferentiated level of disease prevalence or bed-occupancy.
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