Date: 1300-1400
Language: French
Origin: natif, from Latin nativus, from natus; NATION


1 adjective
na‧tive1 W3


SAN [only before noun] your native country, town etc is the place where you were born [↪ home]:
They never saw their native land again.
He spent most of his professional life outside his native Poland.

native New Yorker/population/inhabitants etc

a person or people who come from or have always lived in a particular place

native language/tongue

SLL the language you spoke when you first learned to speak [= first language]:
English is not the native language for almost half of our overseas visitors.


HBPHBA growing, living, produced etc in one particular place [= indigenous]:
Singapore has many native species of palm.
native to
These fish are native to North America.


SA [only before noun] native customs, traditions etc are related to people who lived in a particular country before European people arrived there:
the native traditions of Peru
stalls selling native jewelry
native folklore


[only before noun] a native ability is one that you have naturally from birth:
her native wit

go native

SA to behave, dress, or speak like the people who live in the country where you have come to stay or work - used humorously:
Austen has been living in New Guinea so long he's gone native.

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