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naturalnat‧u‧ral1 /ˈnætʃərəl/ ●●● S2 W1 adjective  1 natureNATURAL existing in nature and not caused, made, or controlled by peopleartificial, man-made the study of the natural world (=trees, rivers, animals, plants etc) an area of spectacular natural beauty natural disasters (=things such as floods or earthquakes) death from natural causes the need for natural light in offices2 normalNORMAL normal and as you would expect opp unnatural, abnormal At the time, accepting his offer had seemed the most natural thing in the world.it is natural (for somebody) to do something It’s not natural for a child of his age to be so quiet. It’s only natural that he should be interested in what happens. It was a perfectly natural (=not surprising) mistake to make.3 behaviour a natural tendency or type of behaviour is part of your character when you are born, rather than one that you learn later Babies have a natural fear of falling.4 ability having a particular quality or skill without needing to be taught and without needing to try hard a natural musician Cheryl has a natural elegance about her. his natural ability with figures5 relaxedNORMAL behaving in a way that is normal and shows you are relaxed and not trying to pretend Be cool, be natural.
6 parent/childMBFAMILY [only before noun] a) someone’s natural parent or child is their real parent or child, who is biologically related to them An adopted young person has the right to trace his natural parents. b) old-fashioned if someone is the natural child of someone, their parents were not married to each other He was rumoured to be the natural son of a duke.7 realREAL/NOT IMAGINARY not connected with gods, magic, or spirits opp supernatural I’m sure there’s a perfectly natural explanation.8 natural justice/law9 foodDFNNATURAL with nothing added to change the taste natural yoghurt10 musicAPM technical a musical note that is natural has been raised from a flat by one semitone or lowered from a sharp by one semitonesharp, flatnaturalness noun [uncountable] Manufacturers now choose to emphasize the naturalness of the ingredients used in their products.THESAURUSnatural existing in nature and not caused, made, or controlled by peoplea natural lakenatural lightthe Earth's natural resourcesWe only use natural ingredients in our products.his natural hair colourwild used about flowers, plants, and animals that are not controlled by people. Also used about areas of land where there are no humansWe found some wild strawberries.wild horseswild open spacespure used about food, drink, or materials that have not had anything added to thempure orange juicepure new woolorganic used about fruit, vegetables, meat etc produced without using chemicalsorganic carrotsorganic milkorganic beauty productsunspoiled (also unspoilt British English) a place that is unspoiled is still beautiful because no one has built roads or buildings on itIt was a pleasant unspoilt village.The countryside is remarkably unspoiled.untouched [not before noun] a place that is untouched has not been affected by human activityThere are few forested areas of the world that remain untouched by humans. virgin [only before noun] virgin forest or land is still in its natural state and has not been spoiled or changed in any way by humansLarge areas of virgin rainforest will be protected from destruction. He bought 14,000 acres of virgin land in Ontario.COLLOCATIONS CHECKwild flowers/plants/placesorganic food/vegetables/productsunspoiled countryside/island/beautyvirgin forest/land
Examples from the Corpus
naturalOf course Jean misses her boyfriend - it's only natural.all-natural snacksShe was completely natural and unaffected by the attention.They contain a natural antiseptic which fights spot-causing bacteria and dries up the blemishes.a natural athleteLaws are needed to preserve the state's natural beauty.The river had worn away the rock to form a natural bridge.Offthe Wall was a masterpiece, and it was a natural crossover.It was fascinating to see the elephants in their natural environment.Death is a natural event, which you have to accept.I prefer natural fibres such as wool and cotton.It isn't natural for a child to be so quiet.I suppose it's natural for a mother to feel sad when her children leave home.Earlier we saw how spiral images may have derived from snails and other natural forms, from sea shells to galaxies.A pipeline carries natural gas from under the sea to the refinery inland.His natural hair color is brown.I can't even remember what my natural hair color is.But now, Down Under, the game has found a fitting, natural home.The manufacturers claim that only natural ingredients are used in their products.The same must be true of the residence and domicile of natural persons owning fishing vessels.I think we are dealing with a natural phenomenon here, not witchcraft.Anger is a natural reaction when you lose someone you love.Being a water-based mousse, it's ultra light to apply and blends in perfectly with your natural skin tone.a natural smileIt's only natural that people who spend a lot of time around computers either love them or hate them.It's perfectly natural to grieve for the loss of a pet.The days when politicians such as Roosevelt or Truman could appeal to a natural working-class constituency are gone.Man has dominion over the natural world.the natural worldHowever we have seen that quantum theory places considerable restraint on a plain man's objectivist view of the natural world.Like the theories of the ancient philosophers, that story is based on observations of the natural world.To encourage respect for the natural world and an understanding of its interrelationships. 6.Coleridge insisted, to both the natural world and the human spirit.Animism, the belief that the natural world is inhabited by spirits, is the driving force in Tuvan music.There is no doubt that this early form of man had a greater impact on the natural world than any other animal.the most natural thing in the worldHe'd no patience with women putting on airs and moaning about the most natural thing in the world.It had seemed the most natural thing in the world.Keeping an eye on another niece was for Margaret the most natural thing in the world.You are learning to do the most natural thing in the world.
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naturalnatural2 noun [countable]  1 be a natural2 technical a) APMa musical note that has been changed from a flat to be a semitone higher, or from a sharp to be a semitone lower b) APMthe sign in written music that shows this kind of musical note
Examples from the Corpus
naturalGore is hardly a political natural.
From Longman Business Dictionarynaturalnat‧u‧ral /ˈnætʃərəl/ adjective1not caused, made, or controlled by human beingsA series of natural disasters created huge losses for the insurance market.All our hair-care products are made from natural ingredients.2happening as a normal part of a process or situationThere is a natural career progression through the police force.The company termed the organizational changes a ‘natural evolution’ of its global business.
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