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naturalistnat‧u‧ral‧ist /ˈnætʃərəlɪst/ noun [countable]  HBAHBPsomeone who studies plants or animals
Examples from the Corpus
naturalistI wouldn't like to say I was born a naturalist, but I can remember collecting fossils when I was three.Eigg, measuring just five miles by three, is treasured by walkers and naturalists alike.Its thickly wooded shores, pastoral rivers and mercurial weather draw naturalists and artists.Audubon had not been the first naturalist to describe the frontier.Peter sat in the studio with a guest naturalist who had brought with him his own bits of film.But this still left certain questions unanswered, and many naturalists did not accept the Darwinian approach to the question.The naturalist in the field might not even have seen his specimens alive, but have acquired corpses from local people.
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