nat‧u‧ral‧ly S2 W3
1 [sentence adverb] use this to say that something is normal and not surprising:
Naturally, you'll want to discuss this with your wife.
Naturally enough, she wanted her child to grow up fit and strong.
2 spoken use this to say 'yes' when you agree with someone or when you think the person who asked the question should know that your reply will be 'yes':
'Am I allowed in?' 'Naturally.'
3 in a way that is the result of nature, not of someone's actions:
My hair is naturally curly.
come naturally (to somebody) (=be easy for you to do because you have a natural ability)
Speaking in public seems to come quite naturally to her.
4 in a relaxed manner without trying to look or sound different from usual:
Just speak naturally and pretend the microphone isn't there.
see usage note surelyWORD CHOICE: WORD CHOICE:

surely, definitely, certainly, naturally, be sure to
Use surely to say that you think something must be true, especially when other people do not agree They should be there by now, surely.Use definitely to say that something is certain to happen or be true I will definitely be back (NOT I will surely be back) by ten. Use certainly to emphasize that something is true He certainly is (NOT surely is) a great cook.Use naturally to mean 'as anyone would expect' They were very late, so naturally I was (NOT surely I was) worried.Use be sure to to say that something is certain to happen If you work hard you are sure to succeed (NOT you will surely succeed).See also surely

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