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navalna‧val /ˈneɪvəl/ ●○○ adjective [only before noun]  PMNrelating to the navy or used by the navy a naval officer naval battles
Examples from the Corpus
navalHis orders were to protect the port from naval attack.More than 80 women were harassed at the Las Vegas convention of naval aviators, an annual anything-goes party.Others attempted to storm a naval base, but were turned back by police.a huge Chinese naval basea naval battleVan Huygens began his naval career as a fighter pilot.Eric Hodges, a Miramar spokesman and naval flight officer.Stedman spent nine months recovering in a naval hospital.I arrived perplexed, cold and totally ill-prepared as a young naval officer at Wilhelmshaven that winter.But some sources said it would be hard for him to turn down the job of chief of naval operations.What I take exception to is the manner in which we are presently carrying out our naval preparations.Parliament drew Nehemiah into naval service in 1650 and John soon followed.The age of modern naval warfare was at hand.
From Longman Business Dictionarynavalna‧val /ˈneɪvəl/ adjective [only before a noun] connected with or used by a navyWe have a contract to build naval aircraft.the Philadelphia naval shipyard
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