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near perfect/impossible etc

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishnear perfect/impossible etcnear perfect/impossible etcalmost perfect, impossible etc a near impossible task near
Examples from the Corpus
near perfect/impossible etcSo everything seemed okay: the barn was secure, the food supply was better than good and the terrain near perfect.That doesn't stop Hedley from dreaming of owning a video store, even though it seems near impossible.Conclusions: The velvet cloth is a near perfect black, but more expensive and less readily available than the other materials.Comets therefore tend to explode into vapor with near perfect efficiency and devastating power on impact.In the latter case the specimen is of near perfect geometry for a torsion test.In the main, larval control would have to be near perfect in its efficiency and to allow very few adults to survive.Unfortunately, strong winds curtailed the sport on a near perfect river level carrying about four inches extra, but fining off.Colin was fulsome in his praise of the role of finance directors in delivering a near impossible set of financial reforms.
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