1 adverb, preposition
near1 S1 W1

short distance away

only a short distance from a person or thing [↪ close, nearby]:
They live near London.
I'm sure they live somewhere near here.
They moved house to be nearer the school.
near to especially British English
a hotel near to the beach
She told the children not to go near the canal.
I'm warning you - don't come any nearer!
We heard voices as we drew near the village.

short time before

soon before a particular time or event:
I didn't remember to phone until near the end of the week.
near to especially British English
I'll give you a ring a bit nearer to Christmas.
They should send us more details nearer the time of the concert.

almost doing something

almost doing something or almost in a particular state:
The work is now near completion.
A lot of the women were near tears.
We are no nearer an agreement than we were six months ago.
near to
He was near to panic as he scrambled out of the building.
She was near to crying.
He seemed to know that he was near to death.

amount or level

almost at a particular amount or level:
Inflation is now near 10%.
He looked nearer fifty than forty.
near to
Unemployment is now near to its all-time low.
Strawberries are near the top of the list.


if something is near something else, it is similar to it:
His story was near enough the truth for people to believe it.
near to
They say that love is very near to hate.
It may not be an exact replica but it's pretty damn near.

near perfect/impossible etc

almost perfect, impossible etc:
a near impossible task

draw near

if an event is drawing near, it is nearly time for it to happen:
The day of his interview was drawing near.

(as) near as damn it

British English spoken used to say that something is very nearly true or correct:
The repairs will cost us £1000, as near as damn it.

near enough

British English used to say that something is nearly true or correct:
It's eleven o'clock, near enough.
All three car parks were full, near enough.

nowhere near/not anywhere near

used before an adjective or adverb to say that something is definitely not true:
That's nowhere near enough money!
The job wasn't anywhere near finished.

not come near somebody/something

if one person or thing does not come near another one, it is not at all as good as the other one:
None of the other wordprocessing programs comes near this one.

somebody will not go near somebody/something

if someone will not go near a person or thing, they dislike or are frightened of them and will not speak to the person or use the thing:
He refused to go near a doctor.
He made up his mind never to go near a motorcycle again.

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