2 adjective
near2 S2 W3
1 only a short distance away from someone or something [↪ close, nearby]:
It's a beautiful house but it's 20 miles away from the nearest town.
We can meet at the pub or in the restaurant, whichever's nearer for you.

a near disaster/collapse etc

almost a disaster, collapse etc:
The election was a near disaster for the Conservative party.

the nearest thing/equivalent to something

the thing you have that is most like a particular type of thing:
He's the nearest thing to a father I've got.

in the near future

They promised to contact us again in the near future.

be a near thing

British English
a) if something you succeed in doing is a near thing, you manage to succeed but you nearly failed:
They won the championship, but it was a near thing.
b) used to say that you just managed to avoid a dangerous or unpleasant situation:
That was a near thing - that truck was heading straight for us.

near miss

a) when a bomb, plane, car etc nearly hits something but does not:
a near miss between two passenger aircraft over the airport
b) a situation in which something almost happens, or someone almost achieves something

to the nearest £10/hundred etc

an amount to the nearest £10, hundred etc is the number nearest to it that can be divided by £10, a hundred etc:
Give me the car mileage to the nearest thousand.

near relative/relation

a relative who is very closely related to you such as a parent:
The death of a near relative is a terrible trauma for a child.

somebody's nearest and dearest

someone's family - used humorously
9 [only before noun, no comparative]
a) used to describe the side of something that is closest to where you are:
the near bank of the river
b) TTC British English used when talking about the parts of a vehicle to mean the one that is closest to the side of the road when you drive [≠ off]:
The headlight on the near side isn't working.

; ➔ nowhere near

at nowhere (4)
nearness noun [uncountable]

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