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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishnearbynear‧by /ˈnɪəbaɪ $ ˈnɪr-/ ●●● W3 adjective [only before noun]  NEARnot far away Lucy was staying in the nearby town of Hamilton.see thesaurus at nearnearby /nɪəˈbaɪ $ ˈnɪr-/ adverb Dan found work on one of the farms nearby. Do you live nearby?
Examples from the Corpus
nearbyFor the first part of the route, the embankment gives views across Carrickknowe golf course and the nearby allotments.At that moment, there came a nearby clatter of mops and pails.Dinah lives in a nearby cottage.Tom continues in school until he is sixteen, and Maggie goes to a nearby girls' school, along with Lucy.He faces a second charge of attempting to rob assistant Elizabeth Walsh at the nearby Grotto card shop on the same day.Screams erupted at a nearby hotel, where Microsoft founder Bill Gates was addressing an education and technology conference.The toll mounted Friday when three Christians were found slain in sugar cane fields in the nearby village of El Zuheir.They were cared for by friends at their home in nearby Witney.
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