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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishnebulousneb‧u‧lous /ˈnebjələs/ adjective formal  1 CLEAR/EASY TO UNDERSTAND#an idea that is nebulous is not at all clear or exact syn vague ‘Normality’ is a rather nebulous concept.2 CLEAR/EASY TO SEE#a shape that is nebulous is unclear and has no definite edges a nebulous ghostly figure
Examples from the Corpus
nebulousA nebulous collective leadership, including the chiefs of the powerful armed forces, may still be holding the balance of power.There is no doubt that the old rating system was based on the nebulous concept of a fair market rent.Statistics grapples with the quantification of such nebulous concepts as probability, certainty and error.Rationalism of this kind has encouraged the growth of more and more nebulous deism.What results, though, is not a nebulous diffusion of Spenserian energies, but their reinforcement.As indicated earlier, it is one of the most nebulous terms in the vocabulary of politics.The rules are too nebulous to be applied consistently.
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