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necessary connection/consequence etc

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishnecessary connection/consequence etcnecessary connection/consequence etcMUSTa connection, result etc that must exist and cannot be avoided The closure of the factory was a necessary consequence of increased competition from abroad. necessary
Examples from the Corpus
necessary connection/consequence etcNormative positivism asserts what legal positivists deny, namely that there is a necessary connection between law and positive morality.Men. come and go in their lives, but there is no necessary connection between motherhood and marriage.It is further easy to see that there is no necessary connection between subsidy-free prices and Ramsey-optional prices.The difficulty is finding any necessary connection between two cases.That stratification would occur as a necessary consequence of the alienation of labour.These are, however, necessary consequences of the division of labour and the consequent role of trust in social relationships.In neither ease was the omission a necessary consequence of the intellectual stance of the two schools.Neither is upward mobility, rising income or independence a necessary consequence of their diligence.
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