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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishldoce_733_zneedneed1 /niːd/ ●●● S1 W1 verb  1 NEED[transitive] to have to have something or someone, because you cannot do something without them, or because you cannot continue or cannot exist without them syn require You don’t really need a car. Plants need light in order to survive. The camcorder needs a new battery. Are you sure that you have everything you need?need something for something I need glasses for reading.need somebody to do something I need you to help me with the cooking.need something desperately/badly/urgently More blood donors are urgently needed.much needed/badly needed a much needed boost to the local economy2 [transitive] to feel that you want something very much I need a drink. If you need anything, just say.need to do something She needed to go out for a walk.3 need to do something4 [modal] British EnglishNEED used in negative sentences when saying that something is not necessary or not always truehave toneed not/needn’t You needn’t stay long. Going to the dentist need not necessarily be a painful experience.need not have done something/need not do something You needn’t have spent all that money. I needn’t have worried.need I/we etc do sth? British English old-fashioned Need we leave so soon?somebody need never do something Jim need never find out what I said.5 [transitive] used when saying that something should have something done to it, or has to have something done to itsomething needs doing The house needed painting. Does this shirt need ironing?something needs to be checked/cleaned/done etc The engine will need to be completely checked. The pie doesn’t need to be refrigerated.need a (good) wash/clean/cut etc (=ought to be washed, cleaned etc) His hair needs a wash.6 [transitive] if a job needs a quality or skill, you must have that quality or skill in order to do it well The job needs a lot of patience. Being a teacher needs a high level of motivation.
7 I need hardly say/tell/remind etc8 you need only do something/all you need do is ...9 need I ask/need I say more/need I go on etc?10 that’s all I need/that’s just what I didn’t need11 need something like a hole in the head12 who needs it/them?GrammarPatterns with needYou say that you need something: You’ll need some warm clothes.You say that you need to do something: I need to clean the house.You say that something needs cutting/cleaning etc (=it needs to be cut, cleaned etc): My hair needs cutting. You say that you need something done (=you want someone to do it for you): I need my car fixed urgently.NegativesYou say that you do not need something: You don’t need a jacket.You say that you don’t need to do something or you need not/needn’t do something (=it is not necessary): I don’t need to leave until 10.You needn’t apologize. Don’t say: I don’t need leave. | You needn’t to apologize.You say that someone didn’t need to do something (=it was not necessary): I didn’t need to tell him who I was – he already knew.You say that someone needn’t have done something (=although they have done it, it was not necessary): We needn’t have ordered so much food.Using the progressiveNeed is not used in the progressive. You say: I need a break. Don’t say: I’m needing a break.THESAURUSneed if you need something, you must have it, because you cannot do something without itI need your help.The people desperately need food and clean water.require formal to need somethingChildren require a lot of attention.The game requires great skill.can’t do without something to be unable to do something without somethingA lot of people can’t do without their mobile phones.could do with something/could use something informal to need or want somethingShall we stop? I could do with a rest.be desperate for something to need something urgentlyLiz was desperate for a cigarette.The people are desperate for food.be dependent on something/somebody to be unable to live or continue normally without something or someoneThe refugees are dependent on outside food supplies.demand formal if one thing demands another, it needs that thing in order to happen or be done successfullyThe situation is urgent and demands immediate action.
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Examples from the Corpus
needBut there is no evidence that they have exercised that responsibility when it has been most needed.We can treat lone parents as poor people, needing means-tested social assistance of some sort - as we do now.The front room needs a coat of paint.It's cold outside -- you'll need a coat.I think she might need a doctor.I need a drink - coming to the bar?It must have needed a great deal of self-discipline for you to lose so much weight in such a short time.Dave's been working really hard - he needs a holiday.Teaching children to read needs a lot of patience and skill.The team badly needs a victory.Nancy is going to the store - do we need any milk?Many patients need continuing care, follow up or rehabilitation.What are the qualities that are needed for the job?But to have such an epidemic you need more than an easily transmissible bug.I think Brad's car needs new tires.You don't have to paint UPVC windows, and they need only an occasional wash down with detergent.A job like nursing needs patience and understanding.Do you need some help?I needed some sleep.He needs the information for an article he's writing.To meet all my criteria I needed to get a job.Smart public managers spend every penny of every line item, whether they need to or not.To do that there may be times when we need to put trust in a professional to help solve our difficulties.His talents were needed to rescue the situation, to merge the Virginia armies into a revitalized Army of the Potomac.We need to take the cat to the vet.Do you still need volunteers to help clean up after the party?My hair needs washing.Don't forget, the plants need watering once a week.everything you needBecause you can actually buy kits which contain everything you need.Because you see, the third time she called, I got everything I need.Did I have everything I needed?He says they provided everything they needed, fresh fish, ice, everything.When I had everything I needed, I walked as quietly as possible to the front door and turned the doorknob.The thunder board will give you everything you need to get the most out of your games.It includes everything you need to know about healthy eating, sport and exercise, along with tips on looking good and relaxation.Their faces told me everything I needed to know.need to do somethingBut if repeated calls fail to produce an answer the officer may subsequently need to account for himself.The roof will probably need to be replaced next year.We need to buy some more potatoes.We need to demonstrate how wrong they are.Dolphins need to eat considerable quantities of food.Management needs to ensure that the expensive and long-term project has a good strategic pay-off.Does anybody need to go to the bathroom?Do I really need to go to this meeting?He reminded himself that he needed to have a key made for the desk drawer where he kept her letters.We need to let kids be responsible, make some choices, let them feel powerful.You need to make reservations for Yosemite campgrounds.They may need to pause for a minute after each picture, since after-images tend to persist.Simon knew that he needed to raise the money quickly.something needs to be checked/cleaned/done etcYet much more needs to be done.Instead, tell them what needs to be done and the results desired.He says that whatever needs to be done should be done to stop anything similar happening.More research needs to be done to attempt to understand these problems but statistical modelling is not appropriate.We have already sown the seeds of what needs to be done to bring about job regeneration in my area.Workers / partners will do what needs to be done when and where it needs to be done.Use a sharp knife to trim round fittings or skirting boards - obviously this needs to be done with care.
needneed2 ●●● S1 W1 noun  1 [singular]MUST a situation in which something is necessary, especially something that is not happening yet or is not yet availableneed for There’s a growing need for new housing in many rural areas.a need to do something We fully recognize the need to improve communications.2 [singular, uncountable] a strong feeling that you want something, want to do something, or that you must have somethingneed for the need for job satisfactionfeel the need (to do something) Jack did not feel the need to boast about his success. You’re welcome to come back and talk any time, if ever you feel the need.3 [countable usually plural]NEED what someone needs to have in order to live a normal healthy comfortable life She works to provide for her family’s basic needs.somebody’s needs Environmentalists argue that the organization fails to address the needs of third world farmers.meet/satisfy a need (=provide something that people want or need) The charity exists to meet the needs of elderly people. Schools must satisfy the needs of their pupils. We have loans to meet your every need.4 there’s no need (for somebody) to do something5 be in need of something6 have no need of something7 [uncountable]POOR when you do not have enough food or money cases of severe need in the inner citiesin need We must care for those in need.8 in your hour of need9 needs must (when the devil drives) special needsCOLLOCATIONSadjectivesa real/clear need (=one that really exists)There is a real need for after-school care in our area.an urgent need (=one that must be dealt with quickly)The most urgent need was for more teachers.a pressing/crying need (=a very urgent need)There’s a crying need for more doctors and nurses.a desperate need (=an extremely urgent need)There is a desperate need to build more housing.a growing/increasing needShe emphasized the growing need to deal with environmental problems.verbsstress/emphasize/underline the need for something (=say how important it is)He stressed the need for better training courses.eliminate the need for something (also obviate the need for something formal) (=make something unnecessary)The new drug treatment eliminates the need for surgery.a need existsNew teaching materials must be created if a need exists for them.phrasesthere is a need for somethingClearly there is a need for more research.there is no need for somethingThey felt that there was no need for a formal contract.as/if/when the need arises (=if or when something becomes necessary)Team members move from job to job as the need arises.if need be (=if it is necessary)I can work during my lunch break if need be.
Examples from the Corpus
needCarlton acknowledged that there was a need for stricter safety regulations at some of the sites.Despite her need of medical attention, the night was young and there was still time to celebrate.National associations also tend to sponsor larger schemes in the more important settlements rather than in areas of isolated housing need.But is this fair on clients who are vulnerable and in need?Travel office Rauraje Deshprabhu will fix any of your local needs, and additional airline tickets.David's need for a son had become an obsession.Don't you ever feel the need to take a vacation?Such changes are, however, being implemented by people who have the needs of the mentally handicapped at heart.Careful analysis of the needs and, above all, the capabilities of the intended user is also essential.However, the family spoke Punjabi exclusively at home and had very strong views on the need to do this.The need to improve teaching standards is recognized; however, it is not something that is going to happen overnight.need forThere is a need for stricter safety regulations.feel the need (to do something)Playing with the classroom water trough, some children feel the need to fill, pour and empty continuously.Adult players, by contrast, feel the need to equip themselves with the best.It's the first time any Oxford college has felt the need to take such measures.Nevertheless, I feel the need to unburden myself in print.I have always had money and so I have never felt the need to worship it.What was Madame Olenska running away from, and why did she feel the need to be safe?For about a year afterwards Anna received aromatherapy massage whenever she felt the need - once, sometimes twice, a month.But I was feeling the need for some kind of action.basic needsThe social system has certain basic needs which must be met if it is to survive.People had jobs; basic needs were met.Even their most basic needs are sometimes ignored.A nearly bare place, simple objects, basic needs.Maslow, if we recall, suggested that this is one of our basic needs. 4.In a similar fashion, the basic needs of health care will inpart be determined by the availability of a health service.The Diocese had hoped that separate money would be forthcoming for these basic needs projects.With basic needs in increasingly short supply, the social fabric of Cairo is showing signs of fraying.in needThousands of people donated money and food to those in need.
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I, you, we, theyneed
he, she, itneeds
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I, you, he, she, it, we, theyneeded
Present perfect
I, you, we, theyhave needed
he, she, ithas needed
Past perfect
I, you, he, she, it, we, theyhad needed
I, you, he, she, it, we, theywill need
Future perfect
I, you, he, she, it, we, theywill have needed
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