Language: Old English
Origin: nied, ned


2 noun
need2 S1 W1
1 [singular] a situation in which something is necessary, especially something that is not happening yet or is not yet available
need for
Managers should explain the need for change.
There's an urgent need for more nurses.
There's a growing need for new housing in many rural areas.
a need to do something
We fully recognize the need to improve communications.
stress/emphasize/underline etc the need (for something)
She stressed the need for regular meetings.
Training courses are held in London as the need arises (=whenever it is necessary).
I'll work all night if need be (=if it is necessary).
2 [singular, uncountable] a strong feeling that you want something, want to do something, or that you must have something
need for
the need for job satisfaction
feel the need (to do something)
Jack did not feel the need to boast about his success.
You're welcome to come back and talk any time, if ever you feel the need.
3 [countable usually plural] what someone needs to have in order to live a normal healthy comfortable life:
She works to provide for her family's basic needs.
somebody's needs
Environmentalists argue that the organization fails to address the needs of third world farmers.
meet/satisfy a need (=provide something that people want or need)
The charity exists to meet the needs of elderly people.
Schools must satisfy the needs of their pupils.
We have loans to meet your every need.

there's no need (for somebody) to do something

a) used to say that someone does not have to do something:
There's no need for you to come if you don't want to.
There's no need to feel sorry for him.
b) spoken used to tell someone to stop doing something:
There's no need to shout!

be in need of something

a) to need help, advice, money etc, because you are in a difficult situation:
This project is in urgent need of funding.
He is homeless and in desperate need of help.
b) to need to be cleaned, repaired, or given attention in some way:
The church was in dire (=very great) need of repair.

have no need of something

to not need something:
She believes him and has no need of further proof.
7 [uncountable] when you do not have enough food or money:
cases of severe need in the inner cities
in need
We must care for those in need.

in your hour of need

when you are in trouble and need someone to help you:
How could she abandon her father now, in his hour of need?
special needs

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