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needless to say

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishneedless to sayneedless to sayKNOW somethingused when you are telling someone something that they probably know or expect Needless to say, any contributions of money will be gratefully received. needless
Examples from the Corpus
needless to sayThere was no bathroom, needless to say.The armed robber, needless to say, did not stay around to be sued.Basil, needless to say, has found the butter.The whole thing, needless to say, is demoralizing.This kind of banter, needless to say, is not acceptable flirting behavior.But, needless to say, things can get a little crazy in the 24-hour news biz.Musical value, needless to say, usually ends up being the last thing these folks consider.Janice, needless to say, was quite unaware of her presence.Needless to say, we're on a very tight budget.
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