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needleworknee‧dle‧work /ˈniːdlwɜːk $ -wɜːrk/ noun [uncountable]  DLHthe activity or art of sewing, or things made by sewing
Examples from the Corpus
needleworkAntique furniture and needlework with a wide variety of unusual and interesting plants in the gardens.However, they might be a dab hand at needlework or crochet.In spite of the humiliating needlework, I kept going back again and again to the Harrises' porch that summer.The recognised craft trades open to women, usually involving needlework, were most often low paid, sometimes exceedingly so.Needlecraft Exhibition, many facets of needlework skillfully demonstrated, Treasurer's House, York.The next summer Mr Harris rescued me from the torment of needlework by inviting me to come with him to catch butterflies.Pressed flowers can be used as a basic shape in stencil designs, or used to create a tapestry or needlework design.She taught needlework, home management and did Drama Club one afternoon a week.
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