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neglect to do something

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishneglect to do somethingneglect to do somethingformal to not do something You neglected to mention that they had a second album released during 1991. neglect
Examples from the Corpus
neglect to do somethingYour adviser neglected to check you were happy with the risks of stock market investment.Planners apparently neglected to consider future water and electricity requirements.Or Krauss's man neglected to follow one.Several of them, including Jeffries, often neglected to hand in grades at the end of the term.Marie decided not to move after all, but she neglected to inform the rental agency.He neglects to notify you of a change of address.Go to Lutece in in expert drag; neglect to shave.Under the terms of the code, lenders refuse to deal with brokers who have neglected to sign up.Still, our most severe misjudgments were not steps we had taken but steps we had neglected to take.I frequently find out from some one else that my husband has lied or has neglected to tell me about something.The public are demanding to know why the government neglected to warn them of the oil shortages.
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