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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishnegligibleneg‧li‧gi‧ble /ˈneɡlɪdʒəbəl/ adjective  LITTLE/NOT MUCHtoo slight or unimportant to have any effect syn insignificant The damage done to his property was negligible.see thesaurus at unimportant
Examples from the Corpus
negligibleThe set of services that fits into this category, however, may well be negligible.This does not mean that the pace of innovation and of capital formation in the eighteenth-century economy were negligible.The chances of a healthy adult contracting the disease are negligible.The cost of maintaining the machine is negligible.The difference in cost would be negligible.Each piece of candy contains a negligible amount of fat.Also, strikes are responsible for an almost negligible amount of lost time compared with total hours worked by the employed population.And Carolan was not negligible as an expert on painting in his own right.Economists say raising the minimum wage would have a negligible effect on employment rates.Nitrogen generation is negligible for both coals over the maturity range investigated.Raising the minimum wage has a negligible impact on unemployment.According to Scrooge McDuck theorists, such problems are negligible irritants.Expenses for maintaining the investment fund are negligible - just half a percentage point of profit.
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