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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary EnglishNegroNe‧gro /ˈniːɡrəʊ $ -ɡroʊ/ noun (plural Negroes) [countable] old-fashioned  SANSSRa word for a black person, usually considered offensiveNegro adjective
Examples from the Corpus
NegroBlues singers do well in Ireland, as Celts have a feeling for Negro music.Overnight Lucky had become an oddball Negro.Zachary Macaulay's 1823 pamphlet, Negro Slavery, was a good example.If the Negro was equal in the eyes of the law, the men wearing badges needed glasses.The Negro is not some one to be laughed at, Mr Foster.The Negro of tragedy taken away from his family and home.Max is a jazz musician, a black cat with Negro features, who owns a talking saxophone, his Alto Ego.Sergio parked by the sundial, and walked to the front door where a painted wooden Negro stood in attendance.
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