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neophytene‧o‧phyte /ˈniːəfaɪt/ noun [countable] formal  1 LEARNsomeone who has just started to learn a particular skill, art, job etc2 RRa new member of a religious group
Examples from the Corpus
neophytea political neophyteFor a fascinated, starstruck neophyte, the convention scene was the stuff of real-life drama and suspense.Henceforth the neophyte cadet will not address any Imperial Fist unless said Marine first addresses the cadet.Not all of the neophytes were on commercial expeditions, he added.The man laughed, and the others joined him but none of the neophytes felt differently about their wretched lot in life.And not just students but their teachers would do well to acknowledge themselves neophytes.Veteran extras warn neophytes to beware the purges.
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