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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishnerve-rackingˈnerve-ˌracking, nerve-wracking adjective  NERVOUSa nerve-racking situation makes you feel very nervous or worried Speaking in public can be a nerve-wracking experience. Fran faced a nerve-racking wait for her test results.
Examples from the Corpus
nerve-rackingIt is never too early to score, but Sunderland faced a nerve-racking 55 minutes after that breakthrough.Although most people were relieved that the waiting game was over, the first days and nights were nerve-racking.I also discovered that being a guest on a talk show is pretty nerve-racking.The unveiling was happy but nerve-racking.Once I had a rather nerve-racking experience with him when I was working the horse rake in the lower field.It was nerve-racking, having him watch her as she slid her feet out of bed, and pushed them into soft mules.It was rather nerve-racking, sitting there all on his own.Soderberg had a nerve-racking time, which seemed to be over by late 1987.Fran faced a nerve-racking wait for her medical test results.
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