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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishnervelessnerve‧less /ˈnɜːvləs $ ˈnɜːrv-/ adjective written  used to describe someone’s fingers when they cannot hold something firmly, especially because they have had a shock The key fell from her suddenly nerveless fingers.
Examples from the Corpus
nervelessAlida Thorne, soft and nerveless and firmly-bounded as a fruit, expected at least one, possibly two, small parcels.A nerveless downhill rider can take two minutes out of a cautious descender in just 20 kilometres.The arms, suddenly nerveless, dropped me, and the Shetland sweater retreated smartly.Silently he took the notebook from her nerveless fingers and dropped it on the floor.The knife dropped from Grant's nerveless fingers and he staggered back, throwing up his right arm to shield his face.She put nerveless fingertips to her hot cheeks.Tufnell produced two nerveless overs straight after the break to keep Wright fretting one short of a seemingly inevitable hundred.
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