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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishnervesnerves[plural]NERVOUS a) used to talk about someone being worried or frightenedsomebody’s nerves are on edge/in tatters/frayed (=someone feels very worried or frightened)calm/steady your nerves (=stop yourself feeling worried or frightened) Sean drank a large glass of brandy to calm his nerves.be a bundle/bag of nerves (=be extremely worried or frightened) I remember you were a bundle of nerves on your wedding day. b) the feeling of being worried or a little frightened A lot of people suffer from nerves before they go on stage. ‘What’s wrong with Rachel?’ ‘It’s just nerves. She’s got her driving test tomorrow.’exam/first-night etc nerves nerve
Examples from the Corpus
nerves"What's wrong with Troy?" "It's just nerves. His driving test is tomorrow."
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