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nervous exhaustion/strain

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishnervous exhaustion/strainnervous exhaustion/strainMPTIREDa mental condition in which you feel very tired, usually caused by working too hard or by a difficult emotional problem nervous
Examples from the Corpus
nervous exhaustion/strainA week later he wrote to apologise to all six, putting his behaviour down to nervous exhaustion.Behind dosed doors Diana cried her eyes out with nervous exhaustion.Yet it s a one-joke play that teases out its central idea to the point of nervous exhaustion.Their company seemed to drain me and send me into a state of nervous exhaustion after even a short while.Most of the others were suffering from a degree of nervous exhaustion after the long takeover struggle.Nor could they show her nervous exhaustion, her permanent anxiety for her loved ones, her acute worry about tomorrow.It could not be true that nervous strain made you lose weight.This probably exacerbated his tendency to long periods of nervous exhaustion, which caused his absence from his parish while he recovered.
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