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nest egg

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishnest eggˈnest egg noun [countable]  SAVE MONEYan amount of money that you have saved so that you can use it for something special in the future They had to use part of their retirement nest egg to pay for their son’s college fees.
Examples from the Corpus
nest eggBut it is also a good idea to keep a nest egg for emergencies.Royal Liver is also sitting on a large nest egg.Eileen and Harry had to dip into their retirement nest egg to pay for their son's college fees.When properly managed, they offer the prospect of a tidy retirement nest egg.The nest egg grew and grew; improbably, unbelievably, it grew.In the intervening years, as property taxes ate away at their nest egg, their proposals for other developments fell flat.
From Longman Business Dictionarynest eggˈnest egg noun [countable] informalFINANCE an amount of money that you save to use later, especially when you have stopped workingLife insurance endowment policies are a great way to build up a family nest egg for the future.
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