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Language: Old English


1 noun
Related topics: Animals, Birds, Insects
nest1 [countable]


a place made or chosen by a bird to lay its eggs in and to live in:
In May the females build a nest and lay their eggs.
Young eagles leave the nest after only two months.


a place where insects or small animals live:
a field mouse's nest

leave/fly the nest

to leave your parents' home and start living somewhere else when you are an adult:
Both daughters were ready to fly the nest.

nest of spies/thieves/intrigue etc

a place where people are secretly doing a lot of illegal or dishonest things

nest of tables/boxes etc

a set of tables etc that fit inside each other

➔ feather your nest

at feather2 (1)

; ➔ mare's nest

at mare (2), love nest

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