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net result/effect

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishnet result/effectnet result/effectthe final result or effect of something The net result will be higher costs to the consumer. net
Examples from the Corpus
net result/effectWe found that neither in theory nor in practice need the net effect be one of disincentive.But the net effect has been to leave exactly the same number dependent upon means-tested assistance.The net result is clear: the wire will be pulled toward Mars and will stay taut under this combination of forces.The new system is designed to spread payments over several months but the net effect is that people pay more in total.The net effect is to paralyze the organization in the present.The net result of global warming will be a rise in sea levels.Yet the net result of his pages of lists is to create a curious abundance-effect.The net effect of superimposing habituation on imprinting would be to displace the preference away from the familiar.The net result of this mechanism is increased sodium in the extracellular fluid.The net result, say some officials, is that foreign money has frequently ended up fertilising or irrigating opium fields.
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