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nettingnet‧ting /ˈnetɪŋ/ noun [uncountable]  TIMmaterial consisting of string, wire etc that has been woven into a netmesh a fence of wire netting
Examples from the Corpus
nettingThen, in the 71st minute, he took the ball clear of keeper Ludek Miklosko before netting again.Typical long-netting scene, dissecting woodland for daylight netting.You can really only make your decision to go netting in a particular area that same day.Above Tabitha and Marco the Twins hung from the cables in elegant nautical positions, feet braced in the netting.The crab traps are covered in wire netting.Joseph's father was reinforcing the posts that held up the wire netting around the tennis court.Protect crops from pigeons and other birds with netting.In autumn, it pays to cover the pool with netting to keep out falling leaves.
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