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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishneuralneu‧ral /ˈnjʊərəl $ ˈnʊr-/ adjective technical  HBMPrelating to a nerve or the nervous system signs of neural activity
Examples from the Corpus
neuralsigns of neural activityThe main activity supported by the Club is the implementation of neural applications.Kandel and his colleagues began by asking what was the neural circuit which underlies the gill and siphon withdrawal response.Personally, we would not consider delivering a neural network unless it was embedded in an expert system.Embedded Neural Networks A neural network embedded in an expert system has many advantages.Research in theory and computation encompasses quantum field theories of elementary particles, neural networks and quantum chromodynamics.Texas Instruments sees neural networks as a reusable technology.Or, neural networks could be used to teach other neural networks.And the more links that are discovered between mental and neural processes, the smaller the dualist gap becomes.neural activityCowan reasoned that the patterns in the visual cortex might be the result of an analogous instability in the neural activity.Inhibitory interconnections are very important for preserving stability in neural activity.Cowan set up a mathematical equation that represented the neural activity, and built lateral inhibition into it.We think the inhibition is part of an inhibitory surround that helps focus neural activity in the dominant hemisphere.Periodic neural activity is a normal behavior.However, because there is still some inhibition the neural activity stabilises as adjacent areas of excited and inhibited cells.
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