Date: 1400-1500
Origin: Early French, from Latin neutralis, from neuter; NEUTER1


1 adjective

in an argument etc

not supporting any of the people or groups involved in an argument or disagreement:
I always tried to remain neutral when they started arguing.
Clive decided to adopt a neutral position.
The British government acted as a neutral observer during the talks.

in a war

PPGPG a country that is neutral does not support any of the countries involved in a war:
During World War II, Sweden was neutral.
neutral territory/waters (=land or sea that is not controlled by any of the countries involved in a war)

on neutral ground/territory

in a place that is not connected with either of the people, groups, or countries that are involved in a discussion, argument, war, or competition:
The talks will be held on neutral ground.


SL language, words etc that are neutral are deliberately chosen to avoid expressing any strong opinion or feeling:
the neutral language of an official news report


if someone says something in a neutral voice, or if they have a neutral expression on their face, they do not show how they are feeling:
Bragg said in a neutral voice, 'The investigation has been closed down.'


CC a neutral colour is a colour such as grey, light brown, or cream:
Neutral tones give the room a feeling of space.


TEE a neutral wire, for example in a plug, has no electrical charge1 (7)


a neutral substance is neither acid nor alkaline:
The plant prefers a neutral or slightly acidic soil.
a neutral pH of 7.0
neutrally adverb

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