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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishneutrinoneu‧tri‧no /njuːˈtriːnəʊ $ nuːˈtriːnoʊ/ noun (plural neutrinos) [countable] technical  something that is smaller than an atom and has no electrical charge
Examples from the Corpus
neutrinoThe W then decays to an electron and a neutrino.Massless electron neutrinos playing at being heavy tau neutrinos might help solve either or both.A sensible theorist's approach is to hope that the fat neutrino goes away.Thus oscillating neutrinos must have mass; but massive neutrinos need not oscillate.An array a square kilometre in size should see neutrino sources if there are any, Halzen says.Up until now there has been no need to believe that neutrinos have any mass at all.And doing this thrilled me to my teeny-tiniest neutrino.
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