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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishnevernev‧er /ˈnevə $ -ər/ ●●● S1 W1 adverb  1 NEVERnot at any time, or not once He’s never been to Australia. I’m never going back there again, not as long as I live. It is never too late to give up smoking.never had/did/was etc Never had she been so confused.never ever (=used to emphasize what you are saying) I’ll never ever forgive him for leaving me. Never again (=never after a particular time) would he return to Naples.never in all my life (=used to emphasize how bad something was) Never in all my life have I felt so humiliated.never for one moment (=used to emphasize that you never thought something) She had never for one moment imagined that it could happen to her.somebody/something has never been known to do something (=used to say that something is strange because it has never happened before) Max had never been known to leave home without telling anyone.2 you never know3 I never knew (that)4 never so much as5 that would/will never do6 never!7 (no) I never!8 never say never9 never say die10 never fear never the twain shall meet at twain(2)GRAMMAR: Word orderNever usually comes before a verb: I never get to bed before 11. Don’t say: Never I get to bed before 11.Never usually comes after the verb ‘be’: She was never on time. You sometimes use never before ‘be’ to emphasize that two statements are connected: ‘Sarah was late that day.’ ‘I’m not surprised. She never was on time!’Never usually comes after the auxiliary: I have never liked sports.You sometimes use never before an auxiliary to emphasize that two statements are connected: I don’t enjoy football. I never have liked sports.In writing, you can use never at the beginning of a sentence before an auxiliary to emphasize something: Never had she been so confused. THESAURUSnever not at any time, or not onceAli had never seen snow before.I’ll never forget that day.never ever spoken used to emphasize that you mean neverDo you promise never ever to tell anyone else about this?not once used to emphasize that you are surprised or annoyed because someone never did somethingShe’s never said thank you – not once.Jo hasn’t emailed me once in six months.not/never for a moment used to emphasize that you never had a particular thought or idea‘Did you ever suspect he was cheating on you?’ ‘No, not for a moment.’Not for one moment did she think it was a trap.not/never in a million years spoken used to say that it is completely impossible that something could ever happenDad will never agree to that – not in a million years!at no time formal used to emphasize that something never happenedAt no time did anyone suggest that the drug was dangerous.At no time were the prisoners mistreated.
Examples from the Corpus
never"Have you ever been to Paris?" "No, never."The State can never be indifferent to the creation of a power or powers which may rival its own.I've never been to Hawaii.He had never before discussed such matters with his friend in holy orders.He never deviated from the radical right's agenda, but he gave it a warm, sympathetic face.He walks right past me and never even says "hello".The view was spectacular - I'll never forget it.I will never forget meeting them for the first time at one of our distributor seminars in Seven Springs, Pennsylvania.Morrissey will never forget the slight.It never gets this hot in Vancouver.We never go out to eat anymore or have pizza at home.Theo was married twice, but he never had any children.We had one hit with mines and incoming rounds, but we never had one explode, even when pressurized.Never in my whole life have I felt so angry.He kept the gun pointed at Connelly's head the entire time, the barrel never more than inches from his face.Ali had never seen snow before.It is never too lateThere is no reason why groups can not meet after Lent! It is never too late.
never!never!British English spokenSURPRISED used when you are very surprised by something ‘They’re getting married next month.’ ‘Never!’ He’s never going to cycle all the way to Manchester! Well I never! I wouldn’t have thought she was that old! never
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