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never dreamed (that)

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishnever dreamed (that)never dreamed (that)used to say that you did not think that something would happen We never dreamed that we would get through to the next round. dream
Examples from the Corpus
never dreamed (that)He had never dreamed a person could be so powerless in his power.They never dreamed of getting them back.That's because large events involve extra considerations you never dreamed of when doing a small conference.With Chris he had known a joy he had never dreamed of.She had a tremendous gift for making people see their own potential and do things they never dreamed possible.Abe Lincoln had probably never dreamed there would be colleges like this, for blacks, in the South.Wella's high quality, creamy formulations give you a look you never dreamed you could achieve at home.
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