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never fail to do something

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishnever fail to do somethingnever fail to do somethingCERTAINLY/DEFINITELYto do something or happen so regularly that people expect it My grandson never fails to phone me on my birthday. fail
Examples from the Corpus
never fail to do somethingHe has never failed to acquit a client charged with murder.My genius never fails to amaze.I have often worked black smokers in Alvin and I never fail to be awed by them.But he would never fail to have a meal.This mime of his never failed to invoke my deep defensiveness with regard to all things Kip.I can not bear this obscene, grubbing curiosity about the affairs of others, it has never failed to repel me.They never failed to show up with the black jackets and the sneakers and the Pimp Roll.
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