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never mind

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishnever mindnever minda) NO MATTER WHAT/HOW MUCH ETCused to tell someone not to worry or be upset about something ‘We haven’t done very well, have we?’ ‘Never mind. At least we tried.’never mind about Never mind about the car. You’re safe, and that’s the main thing. b) AND/ALSOused to say that something is not possible or likely, because even a less extreme thing is not possible or likely Well, you would have hardly got a bed in that room, never mind anything else. I don’t think I could walk that far, never mind run that far. c) used to tell someone that it is not important to do or consider something now, often because something else is more important Never mind me – what about you? What have you been doing? Never mind the dishes – I’ll do them later.never mind doing something Never mind looking at the boys, we’re supposed to be playing tennis.never mind why/how etc Never mind how I got here. Tell me what happened. mind
Examples from the Corpus
never mind why/how etcHer dreams long gone, much older now, A success she would be, never mind how.
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