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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishnewnew /njuː $ nuː/ ●●● S1 W1 adjective  1 recently madeNEW recently made, built, invented, written, designed etc opp old the city’s new hospital the new issue of ‘Time’ magazine new products on the market The hardest part of this job is understanding the new technology. a new range of drugs2 recently boughtNEW recently bought Do you like my new dress? They’ve just moved into their new home.3 START TO HAPPEN, EXIST ETCNEWnot there before having just developed new leaves on the trees a young man with new ideas a new generation of women writersnew hope/confidence/optimism etc (=hope etc that you have only just started to feel) a medical breakthrough that offers new hope to cancer patients4 not used beforeNEW not used or owned by anyone before opp used, second hand New and second-hand books for sale. I got a used video camera for £300 – it would have cost £1,000 if I’d bought it new. Jake arrived in his brand new (=completely new) car. a spanking new (=completely new) conference centre5 like new/as good as new6 unfamiliarNEW not experienced before Learning a new language is always a challenge. Living in the city was a new experience for Philip.new to This idea was new to him.that’s a new one on me spoken (=used to say that you have never heard something before) ‘The office is going to be closed for six weeks this summer.’ ‘Really? That’s a new one on me.’
7 recently arrivedNEW having recently arrived in a place, joined an organization, or started a new job You’re new here, aren’t you?new to/at Don’t worry if you make mistakes. You’re still new to the job.new member/employee/student etc training for new employeesnew kid on the block informal (=the newest person in a job, school etc) It’s not always easy being the new kid on the block.the new boy/girl British English (=the newest person in a job, organization etc – used humorously)8 recently changedNEW recently replaced or different from the previous one opp old Have you met Keith’s new girlfriend? I’ll let you have my new phone number. the new regime in Beijing9 recently discoveredNEW recently discovered the discovery of a new planet new oilfields in Alaska important new evidence that may prove her innocence10 modern modern the new breed of politicians11 vegetables [only before noun] new potatoes, carrots etc are grown early in the season and eaten when young
12 new life/day/era13 be/feel like a new man/woman14 new arrival15 new blood16 new broom17 what’s new?18 the new19 something is the new ...20 new-made/new-formed/new-laid etc a new lease of life at lease1(2), → turn over a new leaf at leaf1(3)newness noun [uncountable]THESAURUSnewa new sports centrea new edition of the bookan entirely new theory of time and spacebrand new completely newa brand new carThe house looks brand new.recent made, produced etc a short time agorecent research into brain chemistrythe latest [only before noun] the most recentHave you seen his latest film?the latest fashions from Parismodern different from earlier things of the same kind because of using new methods, equipment, or designsmodern technologymodern farming methodsa modern kitchenoriginal new and completely different from what other people have done or thought of before, especially in a way that seems interestingThe play is highly original.His style is completely original.fresh fresh ideas, evidence, or ways of doing things are new and different, and are used instead of previous onesWe need a fresh approach to the problem.They want young people with fresh ideas.Police think they may have found some fresh evidence that links him to the murder.novel new and different in a surprising and unusual way – used especially about a suggestion, experience, or way of doing somethingThe club have come up with a novel way of raising cash.The King was passionately in love, which was a novel experience for him.innovative completely new and showing a lot of imagination – used especially about a design or way of doing somethingan attractive website with an innovative designThey came up with an innovative approach to the problem.revolutionary completely new in a way that has a very big effect – used especially about an idea, method, or inventiona revolutionary treatment for breast cancerHis theories were considered to be revolutionary at the time. newfangled [only before noun] used about something that is new and modern but which you disapprove ofMy grandfather hated all this newfangled technology.
GRAMMAR: Order of adjectivesIf there is more than one adjective, the adjectives are usually used in a fixed order.You say: We’ve got a lovely new car. Don’t say: We’ve got a new lovely car.You say: He wore his new blue shirt. Don’t say: He wore his blue new shirt.
Examples from the Corpus
newHey, I like your jacket - is it new?I'd like to get a video camera but I can't afford to buy one new.By the time we'd finished painting the boat, it looked as good as new.Do you have Christy's new address?Don't forget to give me your new address.What distinguishes the leader from everyone else is that he takes all of that and makes himself-all new and unique.Important new discoveries in the field of radiology may lead to a breakthrough in the treatment of cancer.Can the new drugs help her?All new employees are given training.Her lawyers have come up with new evidence that may prove her innocence.Living in a foreign country for a while was a completely new experience.The new fund will be more diverse than the Passport fund, since it will invest in both large and smaller companies.They hatch very quickly and at the same time a new generation of workers and soldiers emerge from the stored pupae.Against that background, the new government should proceed expeditiously to make its actions transparent and itself accountable.Human Resources runs an orientation course for anyone who is new here.It's a new idea, very unusual, but it just may work.Does anyone have any new ideas?Apparently there's going to be a brand new "James Bond" movie out in the spring.Learning a new language is more difficult for adults.After the divorce, she went off to Canada to start a new life.It's vital that we find new methods of producing and conserving energy.I had to buy a new refrigerator.Have you tried that new restaurant on Fourth Street?Meanwhile, new subscribers began to flock, like moths scenting pheromones, to the Times.Children who are new to the school may need extra help.A new woman with two children had been brought in by Jacky in the night.new hope/confidence/optimism etcThe day tingles with new hope.This is being born again to a new hope.To be sure, the new generation of flexible, individually controlled telecommunications technologies offers new hope for educational improvement.Cynthia would know what to do; she would take care of it and leave Evie with new hope in her heart.Since that day, there has been a new confidence in witnessing to others about the truth of the gospel.Spurred on by a new hope, she ran across the road and scrambled up the smooth grassy side of the hillock.And my new confidence was invaluable in making the sale.Abused women can gain new confidence when they realize they have political leverage against their abusive spouses.bought ... newMotor vehicles: The business owns a fleet of cars and delivery vans all of which were bought from new.Purchasers include the many thousands of people who bought new computers at Christmas that came pre-loaded with it.The next year, 1597, he bought a new house for his family.She could not have bought a new pair of shoes since Brook Farm.One hundred thousand people have bought Jethro's new video this month-more than Lock will play to in his lifetime.When I married Martin, he paid off all my debts, poor dear, and bought me a new winter coat.How quick the kid had been to recognise that his suit had been bought in New York.new toSince I'm new to the area, I was pleased to have the opportunity to meet people.Remember, what is commonplace to you is wonderfully new to your child.new to/atSome varieties of waterlilies are fairly new to cultivation whereas the majority of well known cultivars date back years.Highlighting class differences to emphasize his own down-to-earth roots is nothing new to Dole.It was not new to her and this made her feel worse.So jail is not new to him, in those days it was an accepted way of life.After all, rejection was nothing new to me.This is a concept new to the auto industry but old hat to purveyors of soap, suds and soup.Also, I was completely new to the research, development, and acquisition business.
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