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new economy

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new economyˌnew eˈconomy noun [singular]  an economic system that is based on computers and modern technology, and is therefore dependent on educated workers As we move into a new economy, trade unions will have to reinvent themselves to stay relevant.new economy adjective new economy methods
Examples from the Corpus
new economyEducation is always held up as a priority and the new economy must be mentioned.There is abundant evidence that the skills demanded by the new economy are rising.A recession, if it happens, will not expose the new economy as a myth.There is not an optimal set of skills you can give people to equip them for the new economy.Even though cybercrime is perhaps the fastest-growing industry of the new economy, most businesses are not taking adequate precautions.Similarly, slowing investment in high-tech capital will not show that the new economy is pure hype.In this new economy, smart businesses rely on an educated workforce to thrive.
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