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new/fresh blood

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishnew/fresh bloodnew/fresh bloodNEWnew members in a group or organization who bring new ideas and energy We need to bring in some new blood and fresh ideas. blood
Examples from the Corpus
new/fresh bloodAfter that, a simple change to a new blood pressure medication solved the problem for good.It had smelled blood, fresh blood.About the time Ed began getting restless, a family-owned firm in the same industry was looking for new blood.Before the old wound Can be healed, there is fresh blood flowing.The Treasury, where two ministers were election casualties, receives an infusion of new blood.That began to change in recent years, as the Academy membership took on new blood.The firm desperately needs some new blood.Then our heart rate climbs, steadily, until our ears are gulping on the new blood.The new blood testing exercise will cost up to five thousand pounds.
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