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new media

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishnew mediaˌnew ˈmedia noun [uncountable]  things such as the Internet, DVDs etc that use very modern technology
Examples from the Corpus
new mediaSatjiv Chahil, formerly the vice president of entertainment and new media, will be senior vice president of corporate marketing.At their introduction, new media have at first consistently been licensed and regulated by government.In San Francisco such contenders as Wired magazine, the rattle-bearer of new media, cluster in an ill-defined sprawl.And the new media are profoundly transforming our political system.Whatever their form, the new media should enjoy the same full measure of First Amendment protection as the old-fashioned press.Two crosscurrents are at work in the new media environment.Others saw the new media as too powerful and pervasive to be left entirely uncontrolled and unregulated by government.
From Longman Business Dictionarynew mediaˌnew ˈmedia [uncountable]TELECOMMUNICATIONS modern ways of distributing information and entertainment, such as the InternetThe rise of new media means that consumers are bombarded with messages. media
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