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New Year

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New YearˌNew ˈYear, new year ●●○ noun [uncountable]  1 TMC (also the New Year) the time when people celebrate the beginning of a new year We’re going to spend Christmas and the New Year with my parents. The business will be closed over New Year.Happy New Year (=used as a greeting) Our neighbours invited us round to see in the new year (=celebrate the beginning of the year).2 the new year
Examples from the Corpus
New YearHave a happy Christmas and a good New Year.Happy New Year, and, as always, bon appetit.There were playing cards, the New Year issues of Time and Newsweek and some videos.After that it will be decided whether or not he goes chasing in the New Year.During the last winter of the war she became pregnant again, but only to suffer another miscarriage in the New Year.Municipalbond investors are bracing for trouble in the New Year.Happy New YearThe Nikkei hits a new high of 55,500. Happy New Year.Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!After midnight neighbours go outside and wish everyone a Happy New Year.Stanley greeted her, wished her a Happy New Year, glanced perfunctorily at her pass, admitted her.A Happy New Year to you.But bookings still rose 41 % from the $ 3. 41 billion posted a year earlier. Happy New Year.All next day neighbours came over to wish us Happy New Year.