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newborn child/baby/son etc

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishnewborn child/baby/son etcnewborn child/baby/son etcMBCHILDa child that has just been born newborn
Examples from the Corpus
newborn child/baby/son etcThe occasional incidents of newborn babies being stolen from public hospitals understandably causes a furore.Under a window lay our newborn son crowned by a spectrum, the seven strands of vision.One example might be where a newborn child developed an infection requiring special care, but recovered in a few days.In 1987 our newborn baby died.No one expects a newborn baby to go out and get a job before learning the basic life skills and getting schooling.How does one recognise pain in a newborn baby to whom one can not speak?In the early 1950s an effective method of resuscitating newborn babies who did not breathe was not known.
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