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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishnewcomernew‧com‧er /ˈnjuːkʌmə $ ˈnuːkʌmər/ ●○○ noun [countable]  1 NEWsomeone who has only recently arrived somewhere or only recently started a particular activitynovicenewcomer to I’m a relative newcomer to the retail business. a special award for the most promising newcomer2 something that did not exist beforenewcomer to The most glamorous newcomer to the Volkswagen Golf range is the revamped GTi 16 valve.
Examples from the Corpus
newcomerAlthough she's a newcomer to the sport, she's already very successful.I was fifty and a comparative newcomer to computers.Also elected was council newcomer Mike Rowlinson.Our team will include some familiar faces as well as a few newcomers.He used to run the Harvard program for newcomers in Congress, to introduce them to the legislative process.The inhabitants of these remote mountain villages tend to be very suspicious of newcomers.There was even room for high-profile newcomers at the toy fair, such as software giant Microsoft.The open-year problem also deters new capital, for it threatens to saddle newcomers too with unquantifiable losses from the past.The landlord, anxious to please, pushed glasses of hollands before the newcomers.The newcomer mates as soon as females are in oestrus.When the market turned sour on the wireless newcomers, the big bidders were stuck.newcomer toStair climbers are relative newcomers to the exercise scene.
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