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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishnewlynew‧ly /ˈnjuːli $ ˈnuːli/ ●●○ W3 adverb   newly elected/formed/arrived etc
Examples from the Corpus
newlyWorkshops and initiatives for the newly arrived civil engineers, tile-makers and labourers did not materialise.The group meets regularly in the newly built Chinese community center.To access the newly created variables, the pointer variable followed by a ê gives us the variable pointed to.This was followed by the barely perceptible rustle of snow crystals hitting the newly exposed portion of the roof.Mr Chandler is now director of the company's newly formed publishing division.Imagine that a newly formed trust advertises units for sale to savers.Jacinto is anxious to share his newly inherited fortune with Mariano.A newly married couple have moved into the house next door.Poisoning from tobacco, insect sprays, or a newly painted room is the cause of many fatalities.In truth she rather feared this newly prosperous newly confident Stephen.