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news conferenceˈnews ˌconference noun [countable]  TCPGOa meeting at which someone, especially someone famous or important, speaks to people who work for newspapers or news programmes syn press conference The chairman told a news conference that some members of staff would lose their jobs.at/in a news conference At a news conference yesterday, the two men described their ordeal.
Examples from the Corpus
news conferenceThe date of his release had only been announced by de Klerk at a news conference on Feb. 10.No one held a news conference to tout this one, and days passed before anyone caught wind of it.Moshe Yaalon, the army chief of intelligence, told a news conference.But he is expected to appear at a 2 p. m. news conference today in San Diego with Golding and council members.Perkins spoke at a morning news conference in Washington, where the report was released.In the postgame news conference, somebody asked Harrick if he felt he had been outcoached by Carril.at/in a news conferenceHuizenga was expected to announce the details of the sale Thursday afternoon at news conference at Pro Player Stadium.The organization, which says it has 600,000 members, announced the findings at a news conference here.J., who joined in a news conference with Kennedy and other lawmakers to denounce the downing of the civilian aircraft.The envelope will be opened and the results made public at a news conference.Their opposition was publicised at a news conference.The home ownership rate among women continues to lag, Cisneros said at a news conference.But when she went public, it was at a news conference organized by conservative Clinton critics.
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